Monday, July 29, 2013

Applying your own Suede Soles to Street Shoes

Adrienne Vittadini high heels with ankle strap, undercut heel, and very accommodating toe box - if only it didn't have a plastic sole!  Well, let's fix that!

The materials - first, water soluble leather glue (and super glue for touch-ups later). The water soluble glue gives you a little more time to work than the more commonly recommended Barge Cement that dries faster.

Pigskin suede which you can get from Tandy Leather, here.

Tracing the sole onto the leather with a ball point pen.

Making the cut - use the sharpest scissors you have to make the job easier.

Trim against the soles to make sure they will match exactly.

Clean then lightly abrade the sole of the shoes to get the best adhesion.

Apply glue and remove excess with damp paper towel.

The finished product!

If you're not sure your hand is steady enough, if you're in a hurry - or if you're traveling - this kit from Soles2Dance works very well. The suede doesn't have quite as much nap - but it still does a pretty good job and the soles are precut.

If you're up for doing it yourself, which is far more economical, you can get the leather from Tandy leather online.


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  2. Good and much useful idea for applying own suede soles to street. Thanks for giving us this ideas. I am regular user of tango shoes, I find this tips much helpful. Keep sharing!!!