Monday, July 29, 2013

Applying your own Suede Soles to Street Shoes

Adrienne Vittadini high heels with ankle strap, undercut heel, and very accommodating toe box - if only it didn't have a plastic sole!  Well, let's fix that!

The materials - first, water soluble leather glue (and super glue for touch-ups later). The water soluble glue gives you a little more time to work than the more commonly recommended Barge Cement that dries faster.

Pigskin suede which you can get from Tandy Leather, here.

Tracing the sole onto the leather with a ball point pen.

Making the cut - use the sharpest scissors you have to make the job easier.

Trim against the soles to make sure they will match exactly.

Clean then lightly abrade the sole of the shoes to get the best adhesion.

Apply glue and remove excess with damp paper towel.

The finished product!

If you're not sure your hand is steady enough, if you're in a hurry - or if you're traveling - this kit from Soles2Dance works very well. The suede doesn't have quite as much nap - but it still does a pretty good job and the soles are precut.

If you're up for doing it yourself, which is far more economical, you can get the leather from Tandy leather online.

Monday, June 24, 2013

UPDATE: Tanguera Garage (Practica) Sale!

I'm almost there - with the last sale, I reached $220 total in sales. (See the thermometer on the right side.) Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement!

This coming Sunday, June 30th, I will bring everything left - so many scarves, skirts and accessories!! - for one last sale.  After that I will give up the floor and open the space for other tangueros and tangueras to sell their new or gently used tango-related items. Contact me at infinitetango (at) if you would like me to set up space for you to sell your items at the next Practica de la Leona!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tanguera Garage (Practica) Sale!

Short story - I need to raise funds to go to Denver's Labor Tango Festival and clear out my closet of stuff I'm not wearing/using. So to take care of two birds with one stone I'm holding a tanguera garage sale (minus the garage) at my next practica. All of these items will be available for viewing and purchase at the next Practica de la Leona, Sunday 6/16.  

Here's a quickie preview of the items I'm going to bring to for sale.  Comment here or send me an email at infinitetango (at) if you have any questions.

Items include several colorful wraps/scarves/shawls, a peach Haori (half kimono) with gold embroidery, silk camisoles, lace shrugs, leggings, two leather skirts, and more!

Assortment of hosiery, plus Nip-Fab Stiletto Balms

Shoes from Jorge Nel (Mr.Tango Sz 8, Made in Colombia) - - sorry - only the shoes are left.

A gift set of Goatmilk, Rosewater, La Source and Summer Hill from Crabtree & Evelyn

An assortment of shoe clips and hair ties from Buenos Aires, vintage shoe clips from Musi Bows, and jewelry from Judy Coyote etc.