Sunday, October 14, 2012

The PacSafe Citysafe 200 - or Return of Franken-Purse

My Favorite Travel-ready PacSafe Shoulder Bag - Codename: Franken-purse

Citysafe 200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag -

Original price from Goodwill: $7.99
Cost to replace the zipper pull and repair tear in zipper: $17.50
Cost of replacement snap clip key ring - Free, I found it in my desk.
(Retail price: $79.99)

Cost of a lightweight (about 1lb) handbag that will travel over 10,000 miles, over-stuffed, over-weighted and still look like new - Priceless.

This shoulder bag is such a trooper. I got it used but in fairly good condition from Goodwill a few of months before I went to Buenos Aires. I had to get the zipper repaired at Austin Shoe Hospital but it was well worth it. With its new zipper, the bag had no flaws or stains and was very sturdy. (I neglected to note the weakened strap ring which was under the fabric, until I got to Buenos Aires.)

As usual, I over-stuffed it, over-weighted it and carried it everywhere. When you walk and take public transport everywhere, your bags take a beating. So before I ever got on a plane, this bag was already proving its worth. Because I was determined not to check luggage on my flight to Buenos Aires, I over-packed both the purse and my backpack. However, by the last leg of the journey through Atlanta airport on my way back to Austin, the strap ring broke. Considering what I put that bag through, I'm surprised that's all that happened to it.

After returning to my house, with Taps playing softly in my mind, I was ready to say thank you and goodbye to my favorite purse. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it, and hadn't gotten around to going to Austin Shoe Hospital to see if there was anything they could do, and in this rare case, laziness paid off.
After finding a clip key ring, I was able to attach the found ring through the buried fabric loop and re-attach the shoulder strap. There was much rejoicing. The purse is now ready to accompany me on more exciting travels!