Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Milonga Make-up: How-to's and Reviews

In my previous life I was a makeup artist (for 12 years) - a career I still occasionally miss. It seems in my transition from 16-products-a-day-using makeup maven, to administrative assistant for a university, I went from one extreme to the other. For a few years at UT, I wore no make up at all. I wanted a break from fretting over lipstick colors and coordinating blush/nail polish/lip liner etc. etc. etc. It was nice, but then I started missing wearing makeup. Plu

I also noticed that I needed to adapt my make-up routine for the milongas, because what I had worn for everyday wear didn't cut it in the heat and a full face of water-proof makeup sounded awful. So I developed a routine using very effective waterproof makeup around the eye area and lips - while developing a workable solution to face make-up.

Problem 1:

It's hot in Texas a good deal of the year - and it's extra hot in the milongas. Within an hour I was wiping off most of my carefully with the sweat. It just wasn't worth it. Worst of all, if I didn't wipe it off, I risked getting it on leaders. Which leads to . . .

Problem 2:

I dance close embrace, frequently in apilado/weight sharing embrace. Depending on my partner's height, my cheek or forehead is most likely resting against his cheek or jaw.
  • Point 1 - leaders don't want to wear your make-up on their skin or their clothes. I always feel so bad for the fellows who have tan (or red from lipstick) streaks on their collars. I've been told that many leaders wear black or other dark colors to "minimize the damage".
  • Point 2 - you know how you can smell their aftershave if they've recently applied it? They can smell your foundation if you have one of the more perfumed brands (L'Oreal and Lancome can be particularly strong).
  • Point 3 - beware the trail of glitter that, while it was so pretty around your eyes, has now marked every man you've danced with.
Solutions that work for me
(Remember, your mileage may vary.)

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