Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MUSI shoe clips update

More MUSI shoe clips . .

I finally took my red MUSI shoe clips for a test spin Saturday night and just loved how they looked. One note to remember, when showing your friends how they work, be sure that you close the clasp completely before starting to dance again, or risk losing it during the next low boleo. ;) They stay on beautifully but only if you remember to close the clasp. I was also happy to note that the bows (made from a synthetic leather) did not catch on my stockings during leg wraps (the wraps where I wrap around myself, not my partner) or anything else. Yay!

Anyway, Beverly has more gorgeous shoe clips available on Ruby Lane that she just posted this weekend. Woot!

White and Red Faille rosettes, leather flowers - including gorgeous patent leather ones, but my absolute favorites out of these new beauties - the red leather roses, and burnt orange flowers with rhinestone center. *want*want*want* She's also posted several satin flowers that are so pretty too!

Oh my gosh, there are suede-looking ones too! *sigh* I need to stop looking now.

Beverly also said that if there's a particular color you're wanting to go with your shoes, to let her know. She has tons, and only posts a fraction of what's available, so shoot her an email if there's something specific you have in mind.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go back to making my wishlist.

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