Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dressing for the milonga - a practice of pleasure

Some intriguing reading from UCLA's Marta Savigliano . . .

"The milonga environment is thus charged with a female sensuality that is beyond everyday life parameters, and the women who practice it enjoy it. It is a practice of pleasure. In the milonga not only do they have the choice to publicly expose their body shape with an aesthetic that defies otherwise accepted age parameters of old and young and their corresponding ethical (mis)judgements [ . . .] but this practice also asserts their ability to compete with younger milongueras' strategies of visual seduction. In the milongas, mature women are still in the running. Plump, bony, or 'out of shape' female bodies are not to be concealed because what (really) matters is the confidence with which the milonguera moves her body on the dance floor."

. . .

"The decisive moment for the judgement of the milonguera's beauty resides in movement, not in the still pose as is the case with pin-ups and models."

- - Nocturnal Ethnographies: Following Cortázar in the Milongas of Buenos Aires
Marta E. Savigliano

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